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Healus Sole technology

The patented Healus sole is beneficial for health and for the environment.


The various designs of a Healus sole are configured following biomechanical modelling and numerous road and laboratory trials. This has resulted in soles which have the greatest shock absorption and stability per weight ratio of any footwear. The soles facilitate the natural roll of the foot during walking and running. They are hardwearing and can be made with the lowest environmental impact.

The remarkable health benefits of the Healus sole are achieved through the Resilic plate, which is situated on top of a polyurethane foam unit with grooves and recesses. These flow grooves and the recess at the rear of the sole close up during weight bearing. The sole springs back into its original shape after the person pushes off. The Resilic plate and the grooves are designed to guide normal pronation, supination and flexion of the foot and ankle.

Natural walking and running improves people’s physical and mental health. Through its unique construction the Healus sole provides natural healing, every step of the way.




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